Monday, 30 September 2013

Three Little Birds

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I passed a little landmark this past week or two. I reached 1,000 Twitter followers. Yay!!

Now I don't know if you tweet or not. Maybe you signed up many months ago, have 12 tweets to your name and are still an 'egg'. Well that's your right. About a year ago I was chatting to an old customer about what Twitter is for and how everyone needs to find their own level with it. Mine is mainly tweeting about housing IT and photography. Two things that I am passionate about. I suggested to him that he should mix his love of sailing and work as the organisation he works for are very committed to Twitter and social media. At the time I suggested he aim for 25 followers by Easter this year, by spending maybe 20 minutes a day on it. I haven't checked how he got on, he was half way there when I last looked.

My followers are treated to a 'Pic of the day' (today is a photo of Johnny Marr of the Smiths, live at the Manchester Academy -   ), technology and housing news snippits and a few general observations. I am pleased to say that on occasion it has resulted in work for me, but more importantly it keeps me connected with a wider mixed community.

Twitter for the local community library I am involved with, keeps us connected with over 750 followers - and has brought us raffle prizes, volunteers, new members and other support.

Housing organisations I work with seem to fall into two camps, those who embrace it and encourage staff to use it and those who still don't seem to have woken up to its potential. One organisation I just love working with actually have targets for number of staff on twitter, number of follows they acquire, numbers of re-tweets etc. They are a tremendously well motivated and cuddly bunch and clearly that spills over into the way they relate to residents. Twitters another channel they have to build trust and better neighbourhoods. RSLs, ALMOs and housing groups not using it are certainly missing a trick.
Twitter helps you connect with people and issues you care about and some that oppose what you care about. Sometimes I can change people's mind, while occasionally they can change mine by providing a logical argument that I might not otherwise had stumbled upon. Sharing is a big part of Twitter. Not just web links and the like. The best tweeters share something of themselves, humanises and provides a context for better understanding them. Its good sometimes the same things make them bored, excited or confused as me and helps me to identify with them and them with me. I have found a great deal of cool pubs, places to eat, cool software, even a belly dancer, just by tweeting 'Any know where to find....'.

So, if you have followed me or seen someone re-tweeting my ramblings at , thank you!

Here are the three 'little birds' (from the title of this posts music track) on Twitter who have surprised me and in a small way enriched my life during the couple of years or so I have been on there, with opinions, comment and cool links. Their profiles say it all, if you don't follow them already, go check 'em out: @PaulBromford  @LaraOyedele @nickatkin_hht  

Read On to champions of housing :

You can link with me on LinkedIn here - It would be great to connect !

Bob Marley - Three Little Birds.

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PS As usual, if there are subjects you might like me to tackle on this blog, please get in touch and let me know!

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